About this blog

During the last 3 years, you could read my French and German versions of the Lisson Blog. Today, I’m starting the new adventure of an English version for those, who don’t read the language of Molière or Goethe. You will soon notice, that I’m not a second Shakespeare, I learned English at school – a long time ago, so it will take some time to familiarize with it again:-). Be patient, excuse my errors in spelling and clumsiness in style – I promise improvement.

Portrait Iris Clos des Cèdres

Photo credit: Marie Bardet, Journaliste, France

In the meantime, enjoy my photos and little stories about the daily routine of my work in the wines and in my cellar. Besides: it’s never a real routine at Lisson – every day, every season, every year has it’s own surprises:-)!

Your questions and comments are welcome, don’t hesitate to use the function on top of each article.