Nearly finished

while the autumn colors transform our landscape into beautiful pictures,

valley of the river Orb

valley of the river Orb

we go on working on the wines in our cellar. We have chosen a clear day last week, to rack our barrels with the 2008 vintage. It will now have one more cold rest in the cellar, before being bottled. Both wines (a Pinot one and ou Mourvedre) were already full-bodied and promising.

You have come across them in summer here – and I can tell you, that the Pinot has added a deep cherry-note to his aroma fan. And while it is still a bit more dominated by barrel notes, the Mourvedre confirms its strength and developes more wild herbs aromas and a surprising silky texture.

We did the last tasting and pigeage on the 2009 – and I was so pleased by what I discovered in my glass, that I couldn’t resist to carry this new baby around the house to familiarize it with some beloved places of our domaine life.

on a persian carpet

on a persian carpet

in music

in music

mirror, mirror on the wall…

the answer is simple

the answer is simple

2009 in the autum sun

2009 in the autumn sun

We are now waiting for another day with high atmospheric pressure to press the wine and transfer it by gravity into the barrel in our cellar.







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