every day a little bit more

As I told you in my last post, it’s not yet wine – but while the natural yeasts are going ahead in transforming grape sugar into alcohol, it’s getting more wine-like every day. The saccharometer is indicating less sugar left to transform every day – the cap of stems and grape skins comes up more and more easily, pushed by the gas formed during the transformation, and my work of “pigeage” becomes easier, as it gets softer in the process…

half way through fermentation

half way through fermentation

The color is beautiful, a deep velvet like purple red – and even if it’ s still rather sweet, you can detect more complex fruit aromas and some tannins – yes, our 2009 – even if it’s not a big quantity, is on its way to become a real wine – a mystical moment, which brings back a smile on my face after all the previous deception

You can find a beautiful article about white juice with the usual gorgeous pictures on Bert Celce’s webside – just another color and a bigger cellar:-)…


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