Wine meets Web – our first winery-blogger meeting an OFF during Vinexpo 2009

Even if the lissondiary in it’s English version is a real newcomer on the Web, blogging about Lisson and our wines has already been a part of my life for quite a long time now. All started with a French version nearly 4 years ago, soon followed by a German one, as one of my fellow winemakers, Thomas Lippert, known to his German public as the as the Winzerblogger, complained about not being able to read my French texts. So I started weingut-lisson – Tagebuch einer Winzerin in autumn 2005.

Both blogs and their different readers (finally from all over the world in the meantime, as I can learn from my Cluster maps), not only improved our contact with people, who loved (and occasionally bought) our wines, but also led to some real Internet-friendships with other blogging winemakers all around France and Germany.

We all enjoy comparing our work in the wines, follow the pictures from different regions, see what the plants look like in Champaign, Bordeaux or the Beaujolais, at the Mosel-River or elsewhere… try to encourage those who had bad weather or congratulate each other for rewards and even taste our exchanged wines…

Logo: winemaking bloggers event OFF

Logo: winemaking bloggers event OFF

So I didn’t hesitate for a moment, when some of them proposed, to join together for the first meeting of blogging winemakers (vignerons blogueurs) during the coming VINEXPO at Bordeaux and we started preparing ou OFF Event at Château Luchey Halde, at Mérignac, on monday the 22th of June 2009.

From 11 in the morning up till 7 pm we invite all our readers, professional journalists, wine bloggers, merchants and importers to come to meet us and meet the faces behind our blogs – and do, what we can’t yet offer on a blog: taste our wines:-)!

If you are around Bordeaux at that moment and interested to discover this bunch of 21 winemakers from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, you’re welcome.

You can find the complete list of the participants and all further information in English on this page

Or go to our common blog, where you’ll find a map, showing where we come from, another one, where to meet us and all our answers to a short interview about our blogging experiences (in French).


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